How well do you know frozen

There are many experts but a few true genuises Genius is after all quite exceptional. What is a genius? A genuis is someone who has been extraordinarily clever

Uuuuuuuggh just take my quiz and a few minuets you'll find out are you a true genuis im so tired you take my quiz while I pass out in my bed im SOOOO TIRED

Created by: Hjccstrid
  1. Why did elsa run away
  2. Who does the voice of anna
  3. Who tried to kill elsa
  4. What color was Elsa's coronation cape
  5. What is anna and Elsa's favorite food
  6. What was the second sone of frozen
  7. How did anna and Elsa's mom and dad die
  8. What items did elsa take of in her song
  9. How did Anna's heart freeze
  10. Where did Olaf want to be in

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Quiz topic: How well do I know frozen