How well do you know Frozen?

Frozen is one of my favorite movies of all time. I consider myself an expert, actually. I have watched it a thousand times, so I'm just warning you, it's gonna be tough.

Wanna test your skills? See if you know Frozen like a boss? Take this test to put your Frozen knowledge to work. I'm Ursula Remy, the amazing and wonderful, putting you to the ultimate test.

Created by: Ursula Remy

  1. What is Elsa's power?
  2. What is the first song?
  3. Who is the funky looking donkey?
  4. Who is Anna's true love?
  5. Who is Elsa's enemy?
  6. How many times is "wait, what?" said in this movie?
  7. Where is Arendelle?
  8. Where were the king and queen of Arendelle going when they died?
  9. What princess is in this movie that's from a different movie?
  10. When is this movie set?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Frozen?