How Well do you Know Frozen?

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Frozen. What is it? AMAZING. Or, you could say THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Or maybe even WOOOOOOOWWW. Yeah. Frozen is cool. Really cool. Like, Elsa freezing stuff cool.

Do you know Frozen? There are a lot of fans out there, but do you know your stuff too? Find out if you know enough about this incredible movie! If you don't, well, maybe just watch it 50 more times. Cuz Frozen deserves it.

Created by: Maren

  1. How do you actually spell Elsa's sister's name?
  2. What is the age difference between the two main sisters?
  3. Why was Kristoff sad when his sleigh fell off the cliff and caught on fire?
  4. Finish this line from Anna "You don't have to protect me, I'm ________!"
  5. How many buttons does Olaf have?
  6. What award did Frozen win?
  7. Who from another Disney film was featured as an extra during the First Time in Forever scene?
  8. How many songs are there in the entire movie?
  9. How do the parents die?
  10. What makes Frozen different from other Disney movies?
  11. Do you LOVE FROZEN?!
  12. Last question! Finish the song line: "Our mental synchronization, can't ___________________!"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Frozen?