How well Do YOU KNOW Filipinoes

Do you wonder if you sometimes really know the Philippines? Well this quiz has the right spot for you! It has 9 easy questions and a hard question....

But before you take a quiz, do you have the guts to take this quiz? Are you confident enough to know what the questions are? Do you want to know on what will be your score on this quiz? Well then if Yes! Go on!

Created by: Princess Natasha S. Sy

  1. What is the Name of the country where Filipinoes live?
  2. Why is the problem in that Particular Country?
  3. What do most Filipinoes eat for Dessert?
  4. Who won in the Miss Universe 2016?
  5. Why does Mango represents the national FRUIT?
  6. Where is the Philippines located
  7. Who is the President in Philippines
  8. What is the Capital of the Philippines
  9. How many restaurants are on the Philippones But also on abroad
  10. How many Filipinoes are there?

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Quiz topic: How well do I KNOW Filipinoes