How Filipino are you?

There are people who think they know what's what when it comes to being Filipino. There are also people that don't know where the Philippines is or that it even existed.

Are you pinoy/pinay? Do you think you are? Thanks to this quiz, you can find out just how connected you are to the Philippines and your Filipino/a relatives!

Created by: Chewy
  1. Do you do karaoke?
  2. Do you eat lechon?
  3. Sinigang?
  4. You just got hurt.
  5. How often do you arrive on time to an event?
  6. Pinoy?
  7. Do you have titos or titas?
  8. How many meals do you have a day?
  9. Do you bring baon to work/school?
  10. How often do you have rice?

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Quiz topic: How Filipino am I?