how well do you know dragons 2 riders of berk?

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thanks for tanking my quiz BYE dang it why 150 letters bye and thanks for taking my quiz i hope u injoyed it and u need to know what editers go through trust me u NEED to know so make a quiz and u have some stress

thank u for taking the quiz and if u are a winner u can win a free dragon plushie just call 416~699-6969 now is this enough come on do numbers not count goodness apreatchay other peoples work

Created by: jaejae
  1. How does the movie start?
  2. why cant toothless fly alone?
  3. what does hiccup see beyond a rock land?
  4. what does hiccup find near the smoke
  5. who does hiccup hear of at the ice rige
  6. who does hiccup see after 20 years
  7. what does hiccup see
  8. what does toothless do to hiccup when hiccup says 'you alright big baby boo'
  9. what does dracobloodfist tell toothless to do to hiccup's father?
  10. what does toothless do to protect hiccup from ice

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Quiz topic: How well do I know dragons 2 riders of berk?