how well do you know demi lovato

This is a test where you see and find out if you really are Demi Lovato's #1 fan.And if you say that your her #1 fan and DON'T get 100% that would be the saddest thing ever..*starts laughing* *still is laughing* *continues laughing*

*still is laughing* *still is continuing to laugh* *manages to stop laughing* sorry i was thinking about that...OH!and if your not a lovatic you might as well just leave because this would be pretty hard for you.

Created by: SamZacc101

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  1. What is her birthday???
  2. Whats her full name?
  3. where was she born?
  4. whats the name for her fans?
  5. what was her very first gig on tv?
  6. what is her most recent album?
  7. who was her best friend who helped her basically her whole life?
  8. did you know Demi's biological father died this year?
  9. almost many siblings does she have?
  10. and finally are you a lovatic??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know demi lovato