Do YOU know Demi Lovato?

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Want to know how much you REALLY know about Demi Flawless Lovato? (; Take this quiz and find won't regret taking this quiz, I promise! Don't forget to rate and comment, THANK YOU! (((:

So, IDK what I'm doing, except making a quiz for my beautiful role model and ultimate inspiration, Demi Lovato...she's just so amazing and beautiful! She is truly flawless

Created by: onlychild

  1. What is Demi's full name?
  2. What is Demi's birthdate and where was she born?
  3. Who are 3 of Demi's really close friends?
  4. What is Demi's motto/quote for life?
  5. Which issues did Demi go into a treatment centre for?
  6. What is Demi's first documentary called, which premiered on MTV?
  7. Why did Demi develop 'issues' and what was the root to them?
  8. Who is Demi's ultimate role model?
  9. What is Demi TRULY passionate about?
  10. Lastly, who does Demi love the most? (:

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Quiz topic: Do I know Demi Lovato?