How well do you know Crowfeather?

This Quiz is inspired by Warrior Cat Books but if you don't know what that is you can still find out by reading them! If you do know what it is then enjoy the quiz!

Crowfeather is a warrior in these books and he is probably my favorite cat but also the saddest. Try to have fun in my quiz because its my first and i'm so sorry if it wastes your time!

Created by: Presley

  1. who is Crowfeather's mother?
  2. Who was Crowfeather's first lover?
  3. Crowfeather hated his mate.
  4. Was Nightcloud a jerk to him?
  5. Did Breezepelt hate his father because of his mother?
  6. Who was Crowfeather's second lover?
  7. Leafpool loved him so why did she leave him?
  8. Crowfeather saved Leafpool
  9. How many children did Crowfeather have?
  10. How did Crowfeather learn to fish?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Crowfeather?