How well do you know CrankGamePlays???

CrankGamePlays is an awesome Youtuber who has inspired many of us. He is a fun person to watch and it surely would be an honor to meet him. He may not seem like much, but once you get to know him, you will see what his fans see in him

Do YOU know CrankGamePlays the way I do? I know quite a lot about him. Do you have the ability to outsmart me? You won't know the answer until you try this quiz out!

Created by: Blessing

  1. What is his full name?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. How tall is he?
  4. What is his favourite Pokémon?
  5. True or False? He can solve a Rubik's cube under 10 minutes
  6. What are the names of his water dogs?
  7. Does he have any siblings?
  8. He shares his birthday with...?
  9. Where was he born?
  10. what was he dressed as for Halloween when he was 4?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know CrankGamePlays???