How Well Do You Know Country Stereotypes?

There are many stereotypes about countries and the people who live in them. Supposedly, Canadians put maple syrup on everything. I'm Canadian, so I know that while it is good on some things, those things are usually pancakes, waffles and French Toast.

Are you a master of stereotypes? Test your amazing stereotype skills to see just how much you know about stereotypes about countries and the people that live in them!

Created by: RandomFluffyCat

  1. A lot of people in this country are fat.
  2. They are very serious and don't like to laugh a lot.
  3. All people in this country ride kangaroos to work and school. (This one is easy)
  4. The people from this country are very rude.
  5. All that the people from this country eat is spicy, rich foods.
  6. Everybody from this country drinks a lot of alcohol, and they're all drunks.
  7. Everybody in this country speaks french.
  8. Everybody in this country has bad teeth.
  9. In this country, everyone is a master of Kung Fu.
  10. This country is full of vampires.
  11. Everybody in this country is lazy.
  12. The people from this country are all very polite, all the time.
  13. All people from this country are lumberjacks.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Country Stereotypes?