How Well Do You Know Country Music

Many people think they know what it truly means to be country, and listen to country music. The actual number is quite low. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Are you willing to test yourself? How much do you really know about country's biggest stars like Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr, Johnny Cash, and many many more?

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  1. Who were the members of the original carter family?
  2. Where was Hank Williams born?
  3. What was Johnny Cash's first #1?
  4. Merle Haggard was proud to be a(n) _____ from ______
  5. "The Ride" by David Alan Coe was a ghost story about a drifter meeting the ghost of which country star?
  6. "Cherokee Boogie" was written by
  7. Jerry Rivers played the _____
  8. "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" was written by ______
  9. Where were Hank and Audrey married?
  10. How many children does Hank Williams Jr. Have?
  11. Charlie Daniels is from ________
  12. What was the name of June Carter Cash's last studio album?
  13. How many children did Hank Williams have?
  14. Hank Williams Jr said that "Audrey's singing voice was so bad it could melt the wax off a Dixie cup" from how many feet away?
  15. Tammy Wynette was married to who?
  16. who sings "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man"?
  17. What was Reba McEntire's first single?

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