How Well Do You Know Chris Evans?

Hello! This is a quiz that will test your knowledge about Chris Evans! Take your time and try your hardest to prove that you are Chris' biggest fan. good luck

I didn't know what to put here soooo enjoy I guess. blah blah words more words blah blah good luck blah blah try your best blah blah do good more descriptive words

Created by: Layla

  1. As of January 2021, how old is Chris?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. What is Chris' dogs name?
  4. How many siblings does he have?
  5. Is Chris Single?
  6. What is his favorite food?
  7. What character does Chris play in the movie "Before We Go"?
  8. What character does Steve Rogers date in the MCU franchise?
  9. What is Chris' favorite pizza topping?
  10. Lastly, what happens at the end of "Avengers Endgame"?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Chris Evans?