How well do you know Chris Evans?

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Chris Evans is a fantastic actor, well known for playing Captain America in the 'Avengers' series. Do you think you know all about him? Take this test to find out!

Test your well DO you know him? Are you just saying it? Are you REALLY lying, or cheating? Take this test! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also a small while before i level up! See you!

Created by: Saara_K

  1. When was he born?
  2. What role does he play in the 'Avengers' series?
  3. Finish this quote from him: You know, the reward for 'Captain America' is amazing. It's always fun to see a giant spectacle film and see the ____________ - the special effects.
  4. Name one of the people that was on his team in Civil War.
  5. How tall is he?
  6. What is his full name?
  7. Who did he play in the movie "Sunshine" ?
  8. What is his brothers name?
  9. What are his sisters names?
  10. Girls only question- Is he your celebrity crush?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Chris Evans?