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I make FNAF quizez and stuff I made a Bonnie quiz so go check it out this is my Chica quiz to see how well you know Chica (pretty easy quiz)do you know Chica well.

Are you a Chica HUGE Chica fan take my quiz to see if you know Chica well.This is my second FNAF quiz.I'm going to do Freddy next Enjoy this quiz Thanks.

Created by: Bonnie Fan

  1. Which game is it where Chica doesn't have a beak at night
  2. Which door does Chica come out of in FNAF1
  3. What color is Chica
  4. What gender is Chica
  5. What animal is Chica
  6. What does Chica bib say in FNAF2
  7. How many feathers does Chica have on her head
  8. Does Chica Cupcake have a jumpscare
  9. What does Chica carry
  10. What does Chica wear

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Chica