How well do you know Carmen Winstead?

HeLlO today i learned about this girl who was killed at her school and came back to haunt peopl i don't really belive that but could happen... i just hope you all belive she was pushed... anyways just leave me a comment, rate, and share!

So do you know Carmen Winstead? Do you have what it takes to protect yourself from The ghost of Carmen. just try my quiz here to test yourself. please leave me a comment and rate pls share!

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  1. Ok first do you know Carmen Winstead?
  2. What state was Carmen killed in?
  3. How old was she when she died?
  4. How many people killed her?
  5. When was she killed?
  6. When did she move?
  7. who killed her
  8. How did she die?
  9. what happened to the peoople who killed her?
  10. What happens if people don't belive she was pushed?
  11. what happens if you don't repost her story on facebook?
  12. What is Carmen?
  13. Where and when was carmen killed?
  14. pick one that sumes up the story
  15. Do you belive carmen was pushed?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Carmen Winstead?