How well do you know Bunk'd

Bunk'd is a comedy series and I know a lot of people haven't watched it , I water to create this quiz so they more people should know about Bunk'd and people should start watching it and get entertained by it so that they can spread the news about bunk'd and more and more people can watch and get entertained

If you have watched bunk'd , you'll find out how much you know about it thanks to this quiz. If you haven't completed it till season 2 ( it is till season 2 ) complete it! You'll be a big fan!

Created by: Hiba Naveed

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  1. In what season does Ravi learn to swim?
  2. What excuse does Emma make for not doing chores for the barn?
  3. Why did Emma , Xander and Zuri gifted Lou chuck?
  4. How is Hazel related to Gladys?
  5. How did Zuri save her phone when they were taking it away
  6. Who is Murphy?
  7. Who gets famous from Jorge's lame blog?
  8. What does Griff say to Ravi in Gladys's sauna?
  9. What does Tiffany name her violin?
  10. Who steals Xanders guitar?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Bunk'd