how well do you know bruno mars?

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we are gonna see how well you know Bruno mars I hope you past. and this is my second time making my own quiz my goal is too make it too the tp 40 quizzes

I really hope everyone enjoys this quiz I spent a long time on this so I really hope people like it. it took me a lot of work so I want everyone to enjoy it

Created by: talkisarentHot11

  1. when was Bruno mars born?
  2. when age did Bruno mars start singing
  3. when did Bruno make his first solo song
  4. how tall is Bruno?
  5. what is Bruno mars real name?
  6. how many sisters does Bruno mars have
  7. how many brothers does Bruno mars have?
  8. how old is Bruno mars (2019)
  9. what is Bruno mars fav color?
  10. final question, (this one is hard) what is my fav Bruno mars song?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bruno mars?