how well do you know brockhampton?

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can you test your knowledge about the boyband, brockhampton? ranging from their music, to their members, they really are an “american boyband”. hope you enjoy it!

whatever you get on the quiz, just know you did well! ^_^ no matter what, you did well no matter what you got! I hope you enjoy it!! and listen to them

Created by: crystxlss

  1. what was their first album?
  2. who was kicked out of brockhampton in 2018?
  3. what was their last album with ameer?
  4. what was the name of their unfinished album?
  5. who made the album “american boyfriend”?
  6. what is their quote?
  7. how many saturation albums did they make?
  8. what was the album they made after ameer left?
  9. what did their show air on?
  10. what was the name of their tv show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know brockhampton?