How well do you know Boyzone?

There are loads of people that still love Boyzone right to this very day. Even though they have split up in the past they are back together again and this quiz will show you how much you forgot and how much you still ave stored in the back of your mind.

Can you still remember them? Are you still a massive fan? This quiz should show you the answer. Good luck and if you are a genius you certainly deserve to be one!

Created by: Britney
  1. Which member of Boyzone had a song on the soundtrack of the movie Hercules?
  2. What was the title of Ronans first solo song?
  3. Name the member of Take That who's a close pal of Ronan Keating's?
  4. Which Irish parade on Mrach 17 did Ronan lead in 1998?
  5. What is Keith's favouite film?
  6. With which famous band did Ronan perform Words live?
  7. Name Mickey Graham's solo song from the "Where we belong tour"?
  8. What is Mikey's favourite sport?
  9. Which of the boys owns exotic fish?
  10. Which member of Boyzone has displayed his talent as a racing driver?
  11. Which contest did Ronan Keating host in Seychelles
  12. Which of the boys is president of an Irish soccor club?
  13. Which member of Boyzone won an Ivor Novello award for their songwriting?
  14. What is the 1999 film/movie that features Ronan's solo song?
  15. Which of the boys co hosted Smash Hits Poll Winners' party?
  16. Which member of Boyzone is afraid of heights?
  17. The boys picked up these awards at the Smash Hits awards in the year 1998?
  18. Who is Ronan's favourite pop star?
  19. Who is Mikey's movie superstar?
  20. Which of the boys has "danger as thier middle name"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Boyzone?