How well do you know bodybuilding?

There are many people who think they know a lot about lifting. But only a few REALLY know a lot. This is a quiz over the basics of lifting. Once you

Pass this, you will be ready to move onto the quiz over intermediate lifting! I'm gonna fill up all the space. Even spaces count.

Created by: Teen_muscle

  1. What is a rep?
  2. What is a set?
  3. Is BMI relevant?
  4. What is a Dead lift?
  5. What is whey protein
  6. Are steroids bad?
  7. What do steroids do?
  8. Do squats actually make your butt bigger?
  9. Does doing millions of crunches give you abs?
  10. Does lifting make you dumb

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bodybuilding?