How Well Do You Know Black Veil Brides?

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This quiz is about how well you may or may not know Black Veil Brides. Black Veil Brides is a big part of my life and I want to see how many people are just like me!

I love taking Black Veil Brides quizzes online! Some of the possible outcomes of this quiz are... Black Veil Brides Addict, Army Member, Fan, and GO STUDY!

Created by: Ali Six
  1. What is the lead singer's full name?
  2. How many band member are currently in the band?
  3. What was Black Veil Brides first album called?
  4. What is Jinxx's real name?
  5. I cannot hide what's on my mind, I feel it burning deep inside.
  6. What year did BVB start?
  7. What city did BVB start?
  8. We are the in-between, cast down as sons of war, struck to the Earth like lightning, on this world were torn.
  9. What was BVB's first EP called?
  10. What does Andy have a 13 inch tattoo of on his right forearm?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Black Veil Brides?