How Well Do You Know Black Veil Brides

There is many Black veil Brides stalkers out there but are they getting the right info??? they may think they know all aabout bvb but i bet not as much as me haha!!!

Okay lets see if your really that smart with black veil brides! many people may think they know it all but this is the palce to see! good luck my dear friends..

Created by: XxBvBloverxX
  1. What was thier first song ever?
  2. Who are the members of the band present to this day?
  3. What song does this line go to? " a million years and I will still say your name "
  4. Who is the longest lasting member?
  5. What was the name of there first album?
  6. Now into the more stalker like questions...How old is Andy now and how old was he when he first started bvb??
  7. When and Where did Black Veil Brides start?
  8. Time to play fill in the blank! Proud in who you are ________________when you cant take anymore of what they are living for set the world on fire
  9. Who is black Veil Brides insparation?
  10. Are you apart of the bvb army?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Black Veil Brides