How Well Do You Know Bakugan?

Bakugan is a game and a show. There are two sequels to the original Bakugan. There's 'New Vestroia' and 'Gundalian Invaders'. If you like Bakugan, this quiz is for you!

How well do you know Bakugan though? Are you a super fan or are you just a know-nothing? Think you know Bakugan? This quiz will test your knowledge! Good luck!

Created by: tianakiana
  1. Which character below has the last name 'Kuso'?
  2. Who is the number one Bakugan Brawler?
  3. Darkus Percival is who's guardian Bakugan?
  4. What attribute is the element of Light?
  5. Which character is a Darkus brawler?
  6. Who are the bad guys in Bakugan?
  7. Mira ____?
  8. Runo was introduced in what episode?
  9. Dan's guardian Bakugan is who?
  10. Pyrus Dragonoid is called what by Dan?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Bakugan?