How Well Do You Know Aviation?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a plane? Have you ever wondered what it takes to fly a plane? Do you think you have the knowledge to survive the Aviation World?

Well, this test is not for the weak-minded or feeble. It will test you on some of the most basic details of the Aviation World! Enjoy and here is to hoping for high altitude scores! Cheers!

Created by: Josh VW
  1. Give an example of a McDonnell-Douglas aircraft
  2. Give an example of a Boeing aircraft?
  3. What is a powerback?
  4. What does do the acronyms "IFR," "VFR," "ILS," and "RVR" stand for?
  5. Where is the largest airport in the world and what is it's name?
  6. Give an example of an Airbus aircraft?
  7. What is said to be the busiest airport in all of the world?
  8. Why is there a swirl or a line painted on the hub of the engine fan for an aircraft with underwing engines?
  9. What does the "ER" stand for in Boeing 777-300ER?
  10. What does FAA stand for?
  11. What is the standard name of aviation grade Kerosene?
  12. In the United States, an aircraft has a number on it's body, essentially, it's license plate. What is this number know as?
  13. Who made the Concorde SST?
  14. What is the paint scheme of an aircraft officially called in the industry?
  15. When a group owns more than one aircraft it is called a what?
  16. What is a yoke?
  17. What does an aileron do?
  18. What does deicing fluid consist of?
  19. What is the Tarmac?
  20. What is the Apron?
  21. Who is responsible for airline safety?
  22. What does TSA stand for?
  23. What is an empenage?
  24. What are the flaps and what are they used for?
  25. What is a typical cruising altitude for a large airliner?
  26. What drops down from a panel above you in the event the cabin looses pressure?
  27. What is one of the most basic instruments in an aircraft?
  28. What does "VTOL" stand for?
  29. Give an example of a VTOL aircraft?
  30. What does "STOL" stand for?
  31. What is an example of an "STOL" aircraft?
  32. How many wheels does a Boeing 777-300ER have?
  33. What does "APU" stand for?
  34. What is the lifeblood of an aircraft?
  35. The object that steers the plane from side to side is a what?
  36. What is turbulence?
  37. Name a Lockheed aircraft.
  38. How many wheels are on a Boeing 747-400?
  39. What type of body is a Boeing 777-300?
  40. What is a type of jet engine

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Aviation?