How Well Do You Know Avatar?

If you have seen Avatar, you have seen awsomeness! Though it is long it is the grates blockbuser ever, so I made this test to see if anyone new it like I do!

There will be a second Avatar movie.

Created by: carijoy
  1. witch of jake's relatives was killed by a thug?
  2. where did jake go after his relative died?
  3. what ws the place called.
  4. why did he go there?
  5. why did jake like being in his avatar body?
  6. what was the name of the girl he ment in the forest?
  7. what did netirey call jake when ever he messed up?
  8. jake hated netirey.
  9. did jake help fight aginst the sky-people?
  10. there will be a second Avatar movie.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Avatar?