How well do you know ASDF Movies?

Hey thank you for being here on this quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge on what you know and don't know about... The o'mighty... ASDF Movies, a funny series created by TomSka on YouTube! If you have never seen an ASDF Movie, then go watch them then take the quiz!! They are hilarious XD

So are YOU an ASDF Master? Do you know all there is to know about ASDF? Or are you a sad ASDF Noob, who doesn't know ANYTHING about ASDF? Well find out in this mighty, MAGICAL quiz!!! :O

Created by: SupaSwag

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  1. Fill in the blank. P1: "Is anybody here a doctor?" P2: "I am!" P1: "Well you're a _______!"
  2. What did the dinosaur who stepped on Suzie say?
  3. Fill in the blank. "I like _______!
  4. Fill in the blanks. In ASDF Movie (1)____, there was a (2)_____ who pretended to be a man by riding (3)_______.
  5. The dude explodes after some person parks their car on his sandwich.
  6. What is the Mine Turtle?
  7. A man is depressed. Suddenly, melons appear!
  8. There was a cake who had a wife and family. What happened to him?
  9. Fill in the blank. "THERE'S SOMETHING ON YOUR FACE! IT WAS ______!"
  10. In one of the episodes there is a giant talking baby.
  11. What does the muffin want to do?
  12. What did the burger say?
  13. Do the Flop Guy got famous by:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ASDF Movies?