how well do you know anime?

do you know basic anime information? its important to find out. find out if you love anime or would rather watch it as a waste of time? is watching anime hobby or act of bordem???

are you an insane lover of anime? if so take this quiz and see if you a anime genious or a complete hater. see what you get and find out if you can keep up with other anime fans!!

Created by: cannoli527

  1. in naruto, who is narutos first friend?
  2. in inuyasha, how does kagome first end up in the well?
  3. in full metal alchemyst, what is the very first homunculus?
  4. what is the color of a Philosopher stone?
  5. what is the one channel that ONLY has japenese anime?
  6. what is the best website to use when looking for a new show?
  7. in inuyasha,how does the jewel shard break?
  8. in naruto shippuden, who convinces sasuke that itatchi killed the uchiha clan for the leaf village?
  9. in nana, how does the do the two nanas meet?
  10. in fullmetal alchemist, what does the dwarf in the flask homunculus want to achieve?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know anime?