what would you look like as an anime character?

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GIRLS ONLY!!!! there r no guy anime characters in this quiz so guys there's no point in taking this unless you have a reason but still guys stay away from this quiz!lol

ok have you ever wondered wut you would look like as an anime character. well this quiz will show wut you might look like as an anime character so yeah you should take this quiz..... but the results aren't accurate this wuzz juss 4 fun i made up the results sooooo yeah

Created by: ary
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color are your eyes?
  2. what color is your hair?
  3. where would you spend an evening on the weekend?
  4. whats your fave flower?
  5. what's your fave color?
  6. what izz your skin like?
  7. what are you?
  8. how do you spend your day?
  9. where would you go 4 a dream vacation?
  10. what izz your makeup style?
  11. wutz more important to you?
  12. do you like your life?
  13. who's your fave singer?
  14. do you like stuffed animals
  15. are you shy, outgoing, or in between
  16. did you like this quiz?
  17. are you nice?
  18. pick 1

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