How well do you know Animal Crossing: Wild World?

Do you really know anything about this awesome video game? Do you know anything about how to get golden tools or how to have a perfect town? Well, we're waiting!

Try to get a high score and don't let Tom Nook stop you! Remember: this quiz is about the DS game. I hope you enjoy! i'm gonna fill the space up now. blah de bloo byu bing daoing faro doofus nang ning ming mong gangy butty boo bah pow

Created by: pickles123
  1. Who works in the town hall during the day?
  2. Who is the posh giraffe that makes designer clothes?
  3. Who is more grumpy: Pelly or Phyllis?
  4. What is the last upgrade of Tom Nook's store?
  5. Which of these villagers is a jock?
  6. What is the company called that reviews your house?
  7. Who is the mayor?
  8. What is the Wii game called?
  9. Who is the postman that Pelly has a crush on?
  10. Do you own any Animal Crossing games?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Animal Crossing: Wild World?