How well do you know Amy Rose?

Amy, the hedgehog! Is a pink hedgehog with a cheery happy mind! But only a few know her well, how well do you know Amy rose? Take this COOL quiz to find out!

Do you know Amy has well as her creators? Take this quiz and see how well you know Amy, do you know Amy Rose Ok, well, bad, the best, the worst, great or more!

Created by: Rhianna

  1. How Old is Amy?
  2. Is Amy older than Sonic?
  3. What was Amy's first game?
  4. why does Amy love Sonic?
  5. Who is Amy voiced by in 2013?
  6. What is Amy's skill?
  7. What is Amy's nickname?
  8. What gender is Amy?
  9. When was Amy first kidnaped by?
  10. When was Amy's first use of her skill?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Amy Rose?