How Well Do You Know Adopt Me

Hello! Welcome To My Quiz! This Quiz Has A Twist Thought It Is a Tricky One and I Spent A Few Minutes On This So Hope You Enjoy It And Have A Wonderful Day

I Seriously Don't Know What To Put Here But I Can Still Wish You Good Luck? I Do Not Know Seriously It's So Hard Like : What Do I Do? Do I Type Something Inspirational? It's A Lot Of Hard Work

Created by: Adopt Me Fan

  1. When Was Adopt Me Created?
  2. What Were The First Eggs?
  3. Who Is The Creator Of Adopt Me?
  4. Going To 2019 Now! So, What Was The Brown Egg That Came Out?
  5. 2020 Now! What Were The Legendary Pets In The Fossil Egg?
  6. How Many Gingerbread Could You Get On The Ice?
  7. So Were Going Back To The Fossil Update! How Do You Get The Bone Wings?
  8. Were Going Even Further Back! What Were The Legendary Pets In The Aussie Egg?
  9. What's In the Golden Egg?
  10. If You Know What Is In The Golden Egg What's In The Diamond Egg

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