How well do you know about Minecraft Monsters?

the mysteries of the minecraft mobs, some only Mojang know about, iv'e put 10 of these mysteries into this test to see how well others do! I hope you enjoy it!

Do you think you have what it takes to obliterate this test? Do you know alot about the mysterious minecraft monsters destroying our worlds? Find out with this test!

Created by: Valkyire897
  1. Can Ghasts see through glass?
  2. Can Spiders and Cave Spiders see through blocks?
  3. what is the Fuse Time of a creeper exploding?
  4. what is the percentage of a Spider Jockey or a Chicken Jockey (Skeleton Riding a spider and Baby Zombie riding a Hostile Chicken)
  5. Does the Enderdragon Purposely attack you?
  6. How many Silverfish can 1 Silverfish spawn?
  7. how tall is a Cave Spider?
  8. what is an Enderman Harmed by?
  9. Can a skeleton spawn in the Nether?
  10. what blocks can an undead survive on in day?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Minecraft Monsters?