How well do you know A Very Potter Musical/Sequel?

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Sorry I hate this part. I never read it so I assume no one else does either. Then again I don't read so. Yeah I guess that's it. Um I dont know what to say now it won't let me speak gibberish.

Created by: Sonotmyfault

  1. What's your favorite Aimee Mann song?
  2. Fill in the blank Ron: What'd you get? Harry: ___________ Ron: Gross
  3. No I uh I called you a squirrel. I called you a squirrel. Who is Voldy talking to?
  4. Can like a person be a portkey?
  5. Agh! My chest! Who just hurt the centaur?
  6. "No boys" Umbridge tells the girls. Unless…
  7. "You're late" who's late
  8. "He didn't even do anything" "That's because he's dead you dumb motherf… Who is this conversation between?
  9. "Let the butterbeer flow" is from what song?
  10. What is Umbridges favorite flower?
  11. What is Snape?
  12. What does Sirius Black want to do once he finds Harry?
  13. What doesn't Hermoine get Harry and Ron for Christmas?
  14. Who taught Draco to dance?
  15. Who's the spare
  16. When Ron complains about not having any snacks what does the musician give him?
  17. Umbridge replaces the ________ poster with a ___________ poster.
  18. When looking for the horcroax what does Ron claim as his own?
  19. Who is not homeless… Anymore
  20. And finally who has stopped spinning?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know A Very Potter Musical/Sequel?