How Well Do You Know 2016 Pop Songs

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I hope you enjoy the quiz and i hope you know a lot more about pop music from the popping to the banging tunes i know you will like this quiz a lot, tell me what you think!

Do you know pop music? are you a master of it? Then you should take my amazing pop quiz of all the songs of 2016 you can sit back and answer some of the banging tunes of 2016!

Created by: Jammy

  1. Cant Keep My Hands To Myself
  2. Who Sings This? "Something About You Makes Me Feel Like A Dangerous Women"
  3. You And Me Got A Whole Lot Of...
  4. Doing It All Night All Summer
  5. Who Sang A Latest Pop Song With Jason Durelo?
  6. Who Sings This? Because Sometimes All I Wanna Do Is Be Touched
  7. Who Sings This? Run through the parking lot he chased me..
  8. You got me feeling for your power
  9. Who Sings This I know what boys like i know what they want they want that good thing
  10. Finish The Lyrics! put in those hours imma make it harder
  11. Who Sings Dessert?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know 2016 Pop Songs