How well do yo know Kagamine Rin?

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Some people think they know just about everything when it comes to Rin when they don't even know that they made arin's food an orange cause her bow looks like orange peels! Sheesh.

You can't just say your the Rin Master cause you know the color of her eyes and her favorite food. You need t know things that aren't from youtube comments!

Created by: GattaCatchMAlll

  1. Simple question first! What color are Rin's eyes?
  2. When is Rin's birthday (when was she released?)
  3. Was Rin made first or Len made first?
  4. How old is Rin?
  5. There is a blue light on Act 2 Rin but what was the color of the original light on the arm band?
  6. What is the relationship between Rin and Len
  7. What is Rin and Len's names based on?
  8. What is Rin's favorite food?
  9. What is the company that made Rin and Len
  10. Which of these songs does Rin NOT sing?
  11. Which of these descriptions describes Rin's hair the best?
  12. What is written on Rin's arm?
  13. How do you pronounce Rin's last name?
  14. How many circles are on the band of her leg?
  15. How many clips does Rin have in her hair

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