how well do u no punk rock

there a many people who are geniuses on punk rock but you are not one of them sorry but you suck you need to listen to a some punk rock and then take this quiz agian

you are freakin amazing are you in a band or do you just listen to a lot of punk rock case you knew a lot of stuff that most people dont so keep listening to punk rock

Created by: jon

  1. who sang afterlife?
  2. what band re-sang lollipop by lil wayne
  3. what band sang sorry?
  4. who sang lifeline?
  5. what is the name of avenged sevenfolds c.d?
  6. how many band members does three days grace have?
  7. what song did three days grace make about there anger?
  8. what aong did p.o.d sing
  9. what was one song by breaking benjamin ?
  10. what was one song that guns n roses sang?

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