How well do u know Maroon5?

There are many smart people, but few who are truely amazing. What does amazing mean? Amazing means someone who knows all about Maroon 5.. And can answer questions about them any time, anywhere....

Are you truly amazing? Do you have the coolness to qualify for that amazing title? Thanx to this great quiz, U'LL FIND OUT VERY SOON.In this amazing but very hard quiz.

Created by: Makala
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  1. Name at least one person from the band.. give their first and last name..
  2. What airport was Makes Me Wonder filmed in?
  3. What is Adam Levine's current gfs name?
  4. What member of the band just left.. and is not coming back as the drummer.?
  5. What is the abbreviation for Maroon 5?
  6. Who is the new drummer for Maroon5?
  7. What disney tv shows has Maroon 5 been talked about.. but never showed up. in the show of course... on purpose.. name 2
  8. this is very hard. Which of the band members has hazel eyes set apart from everyone else.. the rest of the band have blue and green eyes
  9. When did Maroon 5 become a band? Give the whole date for extra.. or just give the month
  10. LAST QUESTION.What highschool did Adam, Jesse, and Mickey attend?

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