How well do u know Magical Mystery Cure mlp

Magical Mystery Cure is a episode from My Little Pony, Friendship in magic Hasbro studios. In this episode join the Mane six and have lots of fun !!!!!

So, test your knowledge, sorry, i'm a bad speller and see how much you really know about this episode!!!!! I told some questions might be a bit hard. Enjoy and have fun!!

Created by: Katie
  1. What event happens in MMC
  2. List the orders of the songs
  3. Who's cutie mark does Fluttershy have
  4. Pinke is in_______ we gotta _____ her now
  5. What does applejack say when she 1st saws twilight
  6. what season is the episode
  7. What is the order of the princesses
  8. What is twilights bedding
  9. Have you watched the episode
  10. will u comment and rate

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