how well do people really know you?

The are lots of people in this world that people dont know very well, and everyone has their secerts many people believe they are not understood ard you one of them

Do people really kniw you or do put on your nice mask to go out in public, find out here or do you think you give to much away well do you check here

Created by: oh my godsof Olympus

  1. Do you feel that you act like a different person around differnt people I.e. bffs friends or family
  2. Are you outgoing or shy?
  3. Do you feel that no body understands you?
  4. Are you interested in drama?
  5. Do you think people know you?
  6. If you get people dont understand you as a result you will....
  7. If yoy get people do understand yoy as your results you will...
  8. If you were feeling awful and your teacher/boss asked you how you were doing you would ......
  9. How often have you told a fib?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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