How Well Can You Spell?

Spelling. Some people love it, some people hate it. Without it, there might be no language, no writing, and no failing a spelling test. English is very hard in the spelling department. I mean, come on. The plural of goose is geese, right? SO why is it different with moose?

How well can YOU spell in this language that won't let anyone say "meese"? Find out by taking this quiz. But please, don't look up how to spell it on the Internet. That's cheating.

Created by: VioletJenkins

  1. Is this word spelled correctly? Nesessary
  2. Is the word "horse's" spelled correctly as it is used in this sentence? All the horse's horseshoes were lost.
  3. Is "tomorrow" spelled correctly?
  4. Is the right "their" used in this sentence? Their moving to Miami.
  5. Which word is spelled wrong in this sentence? The necessary precations include wearing a hard hat.
  6. Should the blank be filled using "there", "their", or "they're"? A nice flowerpot would make ......... day.
  7. Is "pair" a fruit or two things together?
  8. Which of these words is spelled correctly? Turquose; Cleanliness; Mediternean
  9. Does "the monkeys' bananas" mean that one monkey owns bananas or that multiple monkeys own bananas?
  10. How do you correctly spell "mispel"?

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