How Well Can You Ride Horses (english)?

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There are many riding geniuses in this world, but are you one? People take riding lessons from when they are a small child, then become expert riders, own their own horse, and go off to a career of a famous national rider after years of riding, and bonding to their horse.

So are YOU a true riding genius? Are you just a beginner walk trot? Or are you an expert 4 foot jumper that goes to all the horse shows, even if it means skipping the state tests? Take this quiz and find out...

Created by: horsekitty
  1. When riding, where should your heels be?
  2. What is a possible name for the position when you are in the air jumping?
  3. What is the correct diagonal for when you are posting?
  4. How do ask for canter?
  5. What is the correct lead in a canter?
  6. Should you look at the jump, while your jumping it or approaching it?
  7. Where should you look while you're riding at ALL TIMES?
  8. What should you do if your horse spooks and takes off galloping while you are riding him/her?
  9. What is the FIRST thing you do with the horse after you ride him/her?
  10. Should you cut the corners when you're doing a course for jumping?

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Quiz topic: How Well can I Ride Horses (english)?