How well can you manipulate others?

Well people can be good puppeteers or in this quiz, manipulators. Controlling others with words, actions, sincerity (in a fake sense) and force. Manipulators can take lots of forms so be on the lookout! You might not know, but you can control people with you not knowing!

Are you a crafty weasel, or are you just a normal person. But there are chances that you - might actually be manipulated right now!!! Thanks to this quiz, you'll find out what you actually are! Remember... You aren't what you seem!

Created by: randomdudeXD
  1. If someone asks you to do something you don't want to do. Will you still do it?
  2. Your teacher accuses you of cheating, what will you do?
  3. What's your group of friends like?
  4. You have to buy something important, yet you don't have enough cash to buy it. What will you do?
  5. A line is in front of you, to a (any place of choice). Yet, it's so long... You...
  6. What are you known by at school/work?
  7. Are you a leader? And what type of leader?
  8. Who is usually in charge?
  9. What would be your motto among these?
  10. Okay thanks for taking my first quiz! Bye!

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Quiz topic: How well can I manipulate others?