How well can you handle stress?

Stress. What do you think about this word? This word is pretty familiar in conversation, mostly in adult's conversation. While they're facing problems, they can be stress. Stress is bad in life.

So, to prevent unwanted things from happening, let's see how well you can handle stress and your mind. You may or may not handle it, so becareful. Try answering all questions honestly because it's not recorded.

Created by: Matmail

  1. For how many hours are you happy every day?
  2. How well can you multitask?
  3. Fact says that fruits are very good food since it has lots of vitamins, diet would be fast if people like to eat them fully fresh. From previous sentence, count how many "f"!
  4. Can you find a key hidden within a cage full of hays?
  5. You are given a test that asks you to conclude a text. How long do you think you'll take to conclude the text?
  6. When you are given a homework, what's your reaction?
  7. Do you like reading?
  8. What do you think about music?
  9. Do you aree with "I hate Mondays" or "I love Fridays"?
  10. You sit next to a person who is very talkative and arrogant for six hours. What will you do?
  11. When will you give up to a stuff you're doing?
  12. You are asked to wait for several hours. What will you do?

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Quiz topic: How well can I handle stress?