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  • 100% on the test and 100% born and raised, lived half my life on the west side and half on the east (central to be technically correct.) I went to school at a time when we were taught the history of both sides of Washingtn State (can you say the Whitman Massacre?) but I can't imagine a WA native missing any of these questions, the Seafair question, the right answer is the MOST correct answer ;). Same for the WASL test. It's funny how huffy people get when they miss easy questions. I'm guilty of it, too, so no disrespect meant!

    Delicious Mar 8 '12, 11:45AM
  • You need to have an "I have no idea" option for most of those questions, as I had no idea on the majority of them. Also, 90% percent of the questions were related to Seattle...not everybody in Washington lives in Seattle. I've lived in Washington for all my 18 years but I've lived in eastern Washington so naturally I don't know a whole lot about Seattle and western Washington.

    msteve60 Jan 21 '12, 5:30PM
  • Most of the questions where about the history of Washington and most are about Seattle... I'm from Tacoma and i only got 14%... Then again I was born in Arizona and have only been here for 6 years

    bobthecorndog Dec 3 '11, 11:53PM
  • Lived here all my life and got 94%. Not sure which ones I got wrong. Yeah some of the answers were not quite right but I was able to choose the one I was pretty sure they wanted.

    wubbledub2 Nov 26 '11, 1:01PM
  • i live in washington and i got 0% really?? wow this test its not even right

    gabby_pink15 Nov 14 '11, 8:21PM
  • some cranky posts. I have lived in Washington all of my 78 years and I got them all right.

    bonniebrea Jul 22 '11, 1:11AM
  • Well, I was born and raised...Some of those answers were not quite right

    katherine_everett Dec 6 '08, 4:22PM
  • SoDo does NOT mean South of the Dome, it means South of Downtown. And as the first commenter said, you need to change the answer for Seafair.

    seatown Apr 30 '08, 7:58PM
  • Please get your facts right about Seafair. It's not just a celebration 'in the marina downtown'. The biggest attractions are the torchlight parade which runs through downtown Seattle the first Friday in August, and the hydroplane races on Lake Washington happen two days later on Sunday.

    SeattleBaby Dec 31 '07, 9:38PM
  • The WASL IS NOT a standardized test!
    Some of the answers are wrong!

    A standardized test is a test administered and scored in a consistent manner. The tests are designed in such a way that the "questions, conditions for administering, scoring procedures, and interpretations are consistent" [1] and are "administered and scored in a predetermined, standard manner.

    Bob Wegotababyitsaboy Dec 2 '07, 1:25AM
  • 96% - - not bad since I've lived here for all but 2 months of my nearly 59 years. It would helpful if the correct answers were posted so we could see what we missed. Also, Boeing isn't headquartered in Seattle any more - corporate offices are now in Chicago.

    Lammo Nov 20 '07, 6:00PM

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