how violent are you

this quiz your about to take will help you discover if you are a big softy or an exterme fighter? will if you dont know take this quiz it will help you find out.

are you a fighter can you fight or are you some big witty wimp waiting to be picked on well if you are and you know it then why even bother but if you dont know then take this fun quiz

Created by: andrea
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how would you describe your self
  2. what type of freinds do you have
  3. lets say a person comes to you and pushes you,what do you do?
  4. lets say your boyfreind is cheating on you and you found out what would you do
  5. if a freind secretly talks about you behind your back wat do you do about it
  6. when your mad what do you do
  7. if you walk by the drama club what do you say
  8. your in a wrestling club,
  9. lets say theres a robber in your house what do you do
  10. would you ever think about joining the marines

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Quiz topic: How violent am I