how ugly are you

There are very few actually attractive people in the world. most of the modles you think are hot had some weird sugery i bet or 10 pounds of make-up i mean dude

Are you ugly pretty or GORGEOUS find out by taking this quiz.. can you handle the pressure!!!!!???? DO IT come on man you got this come on go you got this wopwop

Created by: awsome person

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your name ?
  2. how is your hair done ?
  3. what color is your hair?
  4. what do you weatr on weekends?
  5. how do you consider your self
  6. How many real freinds do you have? ( face book does not count unless you have meet them)
  7. take the " who do you attract' quiz and tell me what you got
  8. how many "guy" freinds do you have and be honest
  9. How would people describe you
  10. do you want this quiz to end

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Quiz topic: How ugly am I