hOw uGlY aRe YoU ?

There are many ugly people in the world and there are preety peoploe in the world .Ugly people (in my opinion) are a waste of space. so dont be one of those people for sure ok :)

Are you UGLY ? do you know how ugly you REALLY are ? in a few seconds youll find out exactly how ugly you realy are. ARE YOU READY ? (this quiz is really boring btw but its worth it :)

Created by: amazon

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  1. hOw mAnY pEaRcInGs Do YoU hAvE ?
  2. hOw mUcH dO yOu eAt ?
  3. dO U wEaR aNy MaKe-Up ?
  4. hOW wOuLd U dEsCrIbE uR hAiR ?
  5. wAt KiNd Of fRiEnDz do u hAvE ?
  6. wAtZ uR BeSt qUaLiTy ?
  7. dO yOu hAvE bRaCeS ?
  8. fRoM a ScAle Of 1-10 hOw WoUld U rAtE yOuRsElF ?
  9. dO yOu wErE gLaSsEs ?
  10. dO yOu hAvE aCnE ?

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Quiz topic: HOw uGlY am I ?