How true is your friend, really?

We meet many people during our lives, some of them we only meet some of them remain acquaintances, others become enemies, some become "casual" friends and of course, some become close friends.

But how true are those friends exactly? Are they really your friends or are they just using you for something? This quiz will tell you! It is made for all types of friends, cross-gender friends, same gender friendships, cross-age friendships, same age friendships and more. People of both genders and of all ages can take it.

Created by: emberscatsootie

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  1. You call your friend up to see if he/she wants to get to together on Saturday, but he/she has plans, how does your friend react?
  2. If you don't speak to a friend for a long time, what is the the most likely reason?
  3. Does your friend respect your opinions?
  4. If you had an event you were scared to go to, but the were told you to take a friend or family member for support and you chose your friend, and he/she was free, what would he/she do?
  5. Say your friend got a pet that you were uncomfortable around, what do you do?
  6. Has your friend ever lied to you?
  7. If you were having a problem (such as depression or eating too much), what would your friend do?
  8. You and your friend disagree on a controversial issue, so don't talk about it much, and your friend are together one day and you walk into a classroom/meeting room/store/anywhere else signs are posted, and see a sign that mentions the issue you and your friend disagree on and see people talking about it! What happens?
  9. What does your friend do on your birthday?
  10. You look a big grumpy when you see your friend so he/she asks you whats wrong and tell them you have been having issues with another person, what does your friend do?
  11. You tell your friend a secret, that is by nature, personal, and your forget to tell her/him that to not tell anyone else, what does your friend do?
  12. Has your friend ever insulted you?
  13. When you are your friend get together, who picks what you guys do?
  14. Which of these describe your friend the best?
  15. You get a new shirt/pants/haircut/pair of pants/pair of shoes that you really like, you ask your friend what he/she thinks, it is not really his/her style, what does he/she say?
  16. What is the best thing about this friend?

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Quiz topic: How true is my friend, really?