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  • Okay, started out as a pretty decent quiz, but went downhill.

    I wont point out all the problems, but here are some of the more significant ones:

    #5: How many books of John are there? Does this mean books NAMED John (4), or books ATTRIBUTED to John (5)?

    #7: Jesus fed, on separate occasions, 5,000 and 4,000 people.

    #8: It is never said that the Ark contained the ten commandments, but rather the two tablets of stone.

    #22: The only person whose name is associated with the golden calf of Exodus is Aaron; the only one whose name is associated with the calves at Dan and Bethel is Jeroboam. Since there is no choice Aaron and Jeroboam, the question is unanswerable.

    #2 8: The question needs clarification. There are 22 books in the Hebrew Bible, 66 in the Protestant canon, 74 in the Roman Catholic canon, and 76 in the Orthodox canon.

    #35: Jesus life after the resurrection is not measured in day, years, or even millennia. I am he that liveth, and was dead, and behold, I am alive FOREVERMORE. (Rev 1:18)

    #36: There is no correct answer to this question. The last supper took place in an upper room in the city of Jerusalem.

  • Wow, this quiz is so bad on so many levels!
    Objectio ns:

    #7, Jesus fed 5000 men, not including women and children

    #8, Hebrews is not talking about importance, it is showing symbolism.

    #22, That's not even in the Bible!

    #27, Up to that point, God was the leader of Israel, Moses and Joshua were only the ones God was speaking to

    #32, The Bible never talks about Sampson and Delilah being married

    #35, Jesus is still alive!
    #36, Have you even read the Bible?

    #38, Nineveh was landlocked, the whale (literally "Great Fish") only got Jonah off course from where he was trying to go

    #40, you spelled "Ascension" wrong...
    One star for this quiz

    Mr T
  • There are 72 books in the Bible. Are you missing some?

    The Last Supper took place in the Upper Room where Jesus told the Apostles to prepare the Pasch, (Passover meal.)

    The book of Daniel refers to the words written on the wall as Mene, Perez and Teckel. (My order and spelling may be out of wack, but those are the words.)

    And I wish you would post the incorrect answers so we can get it right. Thanks

  • The answer to the question about how many times did Peter deny Jesus at the Last Supper should be "never." Peter did not deny Jesus at the Last Supper; it was later, while Jesus was on trial, that Peter denied him three times.

  • The last question I think your answer is wrong. The day of ascension is the day he went to heaven after his forty days.The day of pentecost is the day the believers received the Holy Spirit in the upper room.

  • This quiz was helpful, and informative, but Ithere were 3 questions that I had problems answering. They are 35, 37, and 19. Questionable?


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